The Code for Sustainable Homes is the national standard for sustainable design and construction of new build residential properties. At Falcon Energy, we're highly trained at offering help, advice and compliance testing to ensure your property meets such standards and is deemed truly energy efficient.

Whilst the Code was launched in 2006 and considered mandatory from 2007, it was withdrawn by the Government in 2015. The standards have been mainly consolidated into Building Regulations, with homes now needing to meet the equivalent to Code Level 4.

Although it’s no longer mandatory, the Code is still operational and can be implemented on a voluntary basis. Any builds that had planning permission to build to Code granted before 27th March 2015 are still required to comply with all parts of the Code.

What does the Code entail?

The Code for Sustainable Homes takes into account the following factors of a new build home:

  • Energy and CO2 emissions
  • Water waste
  • Surface water run-off
  • General waste
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Overall health and well-being
  • Pollution

The Code's principal objective is to continually improve sustainable living in any new build, extension or conversion project using a range of technical components of the build's design and construction. Sustainable design must consider the above mandatory factors to ensure long-term zero emission home building.

As such, any new build project must be accompanied by the assessment of a sustainable home, or be certified as 'Nil Rated.' Whether you're a homeowner, a landlord or even certain planning authorities and housing associations, the Code for Sustainable Homes must be compiled to with the appropriate certification given to prove your property is environmentally friendly.

How Falcon Energy can help

Alongside our fully qualified, licensed BRE Assessor, Falcon Energy can provide consultancy and guidance to new builds, extension or conversion projects with the aim of presenting a totally eco-friendly residence. Not only do we offer SAP Calculations services, we can assist at the design stage of your new property offer advice and innovative solutions to ensure you're meeting all government and Building Regulations standards and guidelines.

Our team are renowned for their efficient, professional service that keeps you in the loop at all times. All specialists at Falcon Energy are fully trained and highly qualified to offer the very best energy conservation guidance so you can rest assured you, and your property will be in safe hands.

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