When building or converting a new property, it's important to adhere to all Building Regulations and guidelines to ensure your build ticks all the right boxes.

At Falcon Energy, we know all too well the importance of such compliance and therefore offer a second to none Part F Ventilation and Commissioning service that's efficient, thorough and professional.

Ventilation testing

Ventilation Standards

Ventilation testing is legally required to verify the practical performance of ventilation in new dwellings or converted properties and measures the airflow for any new property. By ensuring this testing is completed, you'll be complying with Part F of the Building Regulations.

Ventilation tests must always be carried out by UKAS or BPEC qualified engineers using calibrated equipment; employing an unregistered testing engineer can lead to financial penalties. At Falcon Energy, our entire team is made up of registered, experienced engineers and only these professionals will complete ventilation tests.

What's more, Part F also requires the commissioning and installation of ventilation systems to be overseen properly and efficiently to avoid issues such as dangerous wiring and inadequate access space. Falcon Energy can oversee such commissioning in new build properties and offer expert help, guidance and knowledge.

What is needed to complete a ventilation test?

Before any testing of the property is undertaken, you will need to provide some key documentation in order for the tests to be completed. This documentation includes:

  • SAP calculations
  • Details of the ventilation system at the property
  • The ventilation system design and plans
  • Floor plans of the property
  • As well as this, the ventilation system will actually need to be installed and fully functional and operational.

Once all of this has been provided, our expert team are able to analyse and test all of the ventilation systems installed in the property and provide accurate calculations on how much air they extract and whether they comply with regulations.

It is always best practice to instruct a qualified team at the planning stage of the build, so that they can advise and provide the best solutions for creating a ventilation system that offers excellent energy efficiency and will pass all tests.

How is Part F ventilation Testing Conducted?

Part F ventilation testing is conducted by a qualified and experienced ventilation engineer who follows a set of procedures and guidelines to ensure accurate results. The testing process involves the following steps:

  • Initial inspection: The engineer will conduct an initial inspection of the ventilation system to check its condition and identify any potential issues that may affect the testing process.
  • Equipment setup: The engineer will set up the necessary equipment to measure the ventilation system's airflow rates, pressure differentials and other parameters.
  • Testing: The engineer will conduct a series of tests to measure the ventilation system's performance, including air velocity, air exchange rates, and noise levels.
  • Analysis: The engineer will analyze the test results to determine whether the ventilation system is meeting the requirements of Part F of the Building Regulations.
  • Report: The engineer will produce a detailed report of the testing process, including the test results, any issues identified, and recommendations for improvements.
  • Certification: If the ventilation system meets the requirements of Part F, the engineer will issue a certificate of compliance, which demonstrates that the system is fit for purpose and meets the relevant regulations.


By choosing Falcon Energy to complete your Part F Ventilation Testing and Commissioning, you're guaranteed an efficient service that is professional, speedy and reliable. We pride ourselves on having a team of qualified experts and specialists, all of whom are extensively experienced at a range of energy conservation services including ventilation.

We always work closely with you and any onsite contractors or architects from start to finish; you'll never be left out of the loop and we'll always be open and honest about our work practices. We're dedicated to ensuring you pass any Building Regulations with flying colours and if you don't, we'll ensure the best options and solutions are presented clearly and fairly. We work across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and nationwide.


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