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PSI values and your building project

PSI value calculations are essential for identifying and minimising heat loss through building junctions and are critical in enhancing a structure's energy efficiency. These calculations offer a precise measure of the thermal performance at the interfaces between different building elements, where thermal bridging can significantly impact a building's overall heat retention capabilities. By focusing on reducing PSI values, you can directly target these weak points to improve your building's resistance to unnecessary heat flow.

SAP assessments, underlining their importance in energy performance and sustainability.

As part of your building project, you need a unique PSI value to design your building effectively. Without unique PSI values, a default value is applied, which can be lower than the actual PSI value of your building. This could affect meeting compliance standards, so it's important to get an accurate PSI value calculation completed.

Thermal Performance Test on properties showing cold and warm spots
PSI Value Test in boiler room indicating areas of heat loss

Our PSI value testing process

Discover our approach to PSI value testing

Our PSI value testing process, conducted by accredited thermal modellers, utilises advanced thermal modelling software to accurately assess heat loss through building junctions.

Our approach determines the thermal performance and energy efficiency of your building's envelope and provides targeted solutions to minimise heat loss, enhancing your structure's overall sustainability and comfort.

Our process includes:

Comprehensive analysis

Our thermal modellers perform detailed simulations using state-of-the-art thermal modelling software. This step ensures every aspect of your building's design is scrutinised for potential heat loss.

Identification of thermal bridges

It is vital to recognise areas where thermal bridging occurs. Our process meticulously identifies these weak points where excessive heat loss can compromise energy efficiency.

Actions to reduce PSI values

Based on our findings, we propose actionable measures to reduce PSI values, mitigating heat loss and improving the energy performance of your building.

Our accredited thermal modellers employ specialised software for PSI value calculations, adhering to stringent standards. This precise process flags areas of concern and guides the implementation of corrective measures to reduce thermal bridging. As a result, you're not just enhancing the building's energy efficiency but also contributing to a significant reduction in carbon emissions and energy costs.

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The importance of PSI values

By accurately determining PSI values, you're measuring the linear thermal transmittance at critical junctions between thermal elements. These measurements, expressed in W/mK, quantify the amount of heat lost per metre and are integral to the design and construction phases to ensure sustainable practices are in place.
Having accurate PSI values offers many benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: Accurate PSI values are crucial for minimising thermal bridges, reducing heat loss and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Cost savings: Lowering heat loss through improved PSI values can significantly decrease heating and cooling expenses over the building's lifespan.
  • Comfort levels: By addressing thermal bridges, PSI value optimisation contributes to more uniform temperatures within spaces, increasing occupant comfort.
  • Environmental impact: Enhanced energy efficiency resulting from better PSI values contributes to lower carbon emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.
  • Regulatory compliance: Accurately calculating PSI values helps ensure that building projects meet stringent energy performance and building regulation standards.
  • Durability: Minimising thermal bridges can reduce the risk of condensation and mould growth, thereby improving the building's durability and indoor air quality.

PSI values aren't just numbers; they reflect a building's potential to conserve energy. By prioritising low PSI values, you're committing to the creation of structures that require less energy for heating and cooling, thus contributing to the broader goal of reducing carbon footprints in low-energy buildings and achieving sustainability in the construction industry.

Thermal bridging

Why choose us for PSI assessments?

BR497 accredited thermal modellers

  • BR497 accredited thermal modellers
  • Specialist thermal modelling software
  • Tailored solutions
  • Quick turnaround

Choosing Falcon Energy for your PSI assessments ensures you benefit from the expertise of BR497 accredited thermal modellers, guaranteeing both accuracy and compliance in your project's energy efficiency calculations.

Our approach, using specialist thermal modelling software, is aimed at pinpointing and reducing thermal bridging, which can significantly improve PSI values. This not only meets but exceeds current regulatory standards, ensuring your project's sustainability from the ground up.

Our modellers will provide you with tailored solutions, allowing you to maximise energy efficiency in your build project. We are also able to offer a quick turnaround as we appreciate how important these calculations are to your work. We can book you in and have your unique PSI calculations ready as soon as possible.

We are also qualified for SAPs and EPCs, Part G water calculations and professional Energy Statements.

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State of the art equipment and expert knowledge

Our experts are dedicated to helping you achieve compliance and energy efficiency for your building project, utilising state-of-the-art software, technical knowledge and experience.

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About PSI value calculations

How are PSI values calculated?

PSI values are calculated using thermal modelling software that analyses the heat flow through different components of a building's envelope. This process involves inputting detailed construction and material data into the software to simulate thermal bridging and heat loss at various junctions and interfaces. The output provides precise PSI values, quantifying the rate of heat transfer in W/mK, enabling professionals to identify and address thermal bridges effectively.

Can improving PSI values significantly reduce energy costs?

Yes, improving PSI values can significantly reduce energy costs. By optimising PSI values and minimising thermal bridges, buildings lose less heat in winter and gain less heat in summer, reducing the demand for heating and cooling. This enhanced energy efficiency directly translates to lower energy consumption and substantial savings on heating and cooling expenses over time.

Who are the key stakeholders for bespoke PSI value calculations?

PSI value calculations are crucial for a wide range of stakeholders in the construction and building industry, including architects, designers, building engineers, energy consultants, construction managers, contractors, property developers, and homeowners undertaking significant projects.

Property investors and regulatory compliance officers rely on accurate PSI values to assess a building's energy performance, enforce compliance, and make informed decisions about property sustainability and marketability.

How does correcting thermal bridges affect the overall comfort of a building?

Correcting thermal bridges significantly enhances a building's overall comfort by stabilising indoor temperatures, reducing draughts, and minimising cold spots. This leads to a more uniform and pleasant indoor climate, improving the quality of the environment for occupants. Additionally, by improving PSI values through addressing thermal bridges, buildings become more energy-efficient, resulting in lower energy costs and contributing to a healthier, more comfortable living or working space.

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