Falcon Energy are proud to offer customers a complete sound insulation testing service that is in-line and fully compliant with the Building Regulations Document E 'Resistance to the Passage of Sound' across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and surrounding counties.

What is a Sound Insulation Test?

Here at Falcon Energy, we undertake two types of sound insulations tests; Airbourne Tests and Impact Tests.

Airbourne Tests are undertaken on party walls, floors and ceilings between dwellings and look at the levels of sound that are transmitted through the air. These tests are undertaken by using a speaker to produce white noise from one side of the wall and measuring how much sound is lost.

Impact Tests measure the levels of noise that are transmitted through separating floor and ceiling divides between dwellings. This is done using a machine which drops metal hammers on the floor, creating an impact noise. This noise is then measured to determine the amount of sound that passes through to the other side of the partition.

These types of tests are only undertaken on habitable rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms and open plan kitchen and living spaces.

Why is Sound Insulation Testing necessary?

To be compliant with Part E of the Building Regulations, Sound Insulation Testing must be carried out on all residential or commercial new build properties pre-completion to ensure the development demonstrates acceptable levels of sound insulation. It's vital that such tests are carried out by an experienced professional, like Falcon Energy, to ensure all boxes are ticked and all guidelines are met.

Although Sound Insulation Testing occurs at the later stages of a development, it is extremely important to instruct a sound insulation tester at the planning stage of your build. This ensures that all plans comply with the necessary regulations and that the development is being built fully compliant from the beginning.

Sound insulation testing equipment

Sound Insulation Testing is necessary for builds that are:

  • Two or more new build dwellings or flats
  • Residential builds such as hotels, hostels and nursing homes
  • Conversions of former single dwelling properties into flats
  • Designed in a way that does not adhere to robust construction details

Carrying out thorough and professional airborne and impact testing procedures, our experienced and qualified UKAS Engineers will determine the quantity of tests needed for your property. This will be based on the layout of the build, how many dwellings you have and any separating walls or floor.

Why work with us

The expert team at Falcon Energy will carry out all Sound Insulation Testing quickly and efficiently, with little impact on your building schedule or onsite contractors. We'll work hard to avoid disruption and to make sure the job is completed in good time and with minimal upheaval, making it all as stress-free as possible.

We're highly skilled at identifying the exact type and number of tests that your property needs and we will always try to keep costs low and deadlines in mind. Our team are known for their professional nature and hardworking attitude with no job too big or small. Our Sound Insulation Testing services cover the nation and we can work on any property, no matter the size, location or layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose a UKAS accredited company?

UKAS is a national accreditation body recognised by the UK Government and ensures the team working on your site or property are fully qualified and capable of performing accurate sound insulation testing.

At Falcon Energy, our team members are fully accredited by UKAS for sound insulation testing. This ensures you can contact us in confidence and means that any resulting certification is official and will be recognised by the relevant Building Control Officer.

When is a site ready for testing?

A site is ready for testing just before completion of the build, when doors, windows, trickle vents and power is fitted on site. This allows the readings to be more accurate and provides us with the quiet environment necessary for the tests to be undertaken, as any additional noise from building work would most likely affect the results.

But make sure you enlist the help of an expert sound insulation company at the planning stage of your development, as this ensures that the builds are compliant from the very beginning.

How soon can you test my site?

We understand that most clients would prefer testing to take place as soon as possible. Once you get in touch we will schedule the test at the earliest available opportunity.

We have a highly skilled, efficient team who will complete testing and issue a detailed report of certification to meet your own deadlines.

Typically, we are able to release certification within two days of testing.

What happens if a test shows sound insulation fails to meet standards?

Should the test fail, our expert team are able to offer free advice on how to improve sound insulation and discounted retest fees.

What are the requirements?

It requires all residential buildings to be tested when they involve walls and/or floors. These are known as party elements.

All new-build or converted residential properties in the UK fall under this regulation, with a minimum sample of 10% of properties requiring sound insulation testing.

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