Floor Plans: Why Accuracy Is Key To Selling Or Renting Your Property

Accurate Home Floor Plan

Floor plans have become an integral component of a property listing. They are essential both from a technical perspective, allowing buyers to survey the dimensions of each room and from a marketing perspective, in that they form eye-catching pieces of property information that buyers value. Having an accurate floor plan is essential to attracting the right buyers to property listings and will ensure that any potential buyers won’t be disappointed during viewings.

At Falcon Energy, we have access to the latest technology and software which allows us to create detailed and accurate estate agent floor plans in Sussex. Alongside our EPC surveys, we can offer Sussex and Surrey estate agents an efficient and effective property marketing package. Give our team a call on 01403 253439 to find out more.

Estate agent floor plans and EPCs

A 2015 report from Property Academy discovered that 80% of sellers or renters agreed that accurate floor plans were essential in the selling process and that 88% of buyers suggested they were necessary when buying or renting houses. Floor plans are a must-have and the more attractive and accurate they are, the better.

Having an accurate floor plan of your property can significantly increase the chances of selling, and they’re simple to combine with Falcon Energy’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Assessment service. Our energy assessors can use intelligent and sophisticated 2D and 3D mapping software to draw up useful, accurate and attractive floor plans for your property. We can do this simultaneously when carrying out an EPC Assessment which already requires taking measurements of all wall, ceiling and floor spaces.

When our energy assessors create a legally required EPC, they will already be taking many of the measurements required to draw a floor plan, therefore it is both sensible and cost-effective to combine the two services for estate agents. Our floor plans use the latest measurement, imaging and drawing technology to ensure they’re both technically accurate and extremely eye-catching.

The benefits of a floor plan

Floor plans offer technical accuracy

  • Digital floor plans are accurate and ensure legal compliance
  • Remove the chance of false advertising
  • Allow buyers and renters to get a good understanding of the space

Many properties may already have dated or even hand-drawn floor plans but a modern technically accurate, digitally-created floor plan outperforms these significantly in every area.

Any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in hand-drawn or dated floor plans can cause major issues later on in the buying or renting process. For example, when a prospective buyer or renter visits the property to square up areas for furniture or other design and décor ideas, only to find that the measurements supplied on a hand-drawn plan aren’t quite accurate, they can easily become despondent or put off the property.

Furthermore, while a degree of leniency is allowed, gross inaccuracies in floor plans come under the umbrella of false advertising. Falcon Energy’s high-tech floor plan solutions remove the chance of human error and ensure accuracy throughout the floor plan, providing you with effective property marketing tools.

Floor plans help buyers mentally move in

  • Floor plans assist in a buyer’s design vision
  • Help buyers size up furniture and other décor

Most buyers or renters have an idea of their preferred room layouts already, so they’ll want to quickly assess a new property for how they can easily move their items into a home to their taste. Floor plans make this far easier and the better the floor plan, the easier it’ll be for prospective buyers to invest in their design visions with trust that everything will fit into the rooms the way they imagine.

3D floor plans are especially useful here. They provide an excellent means for buyers to realistically imagine moving into a property. Also, since many properties are bought at a distance, and multiple repeat viewings are not possible, a floor plan makes it simpler to plan moves and reduces the stress of distance-buying.

Floor plans make great property marketing collateral

  • Floor plans boost listing marketing significantly
  • 3D floor plans are particularly effective

Floor plans make excellent additions to any property listing – they look attractive and memorable on Rightmove and other property listing sites. Cutting edge 3D floor plans such as those provided by Falcon Energy look stunning and can seriously boost listing performance. Greater listing performance means more enquiries, ultimately resulting in a quicker sale for a good price.

Attracting potential buyers to a property is so much easier if you can showcase the features of the house, show off unique selling points and make it easier for people to envisage how they’d put their stamp on the property. Whilst high quality pictures of the property are a great way to do this, a detailed floor plan is the final piece of the puzzle that ties everything together.

Save time and improve viewings

  • Floor plans supplement photography
  • Floor plans help provide a means to assess properties outside of viewing times

Property photography is advantageous, but it isn’t always sufficient. Wide-angled shots can also be misleading in showing how big or small spaces are, and this often means viewers may be disappointed when they arrive at a property to view it.

Floor plans help to give prospective buyers a reliable means of assessing a property both before the viewing, during the viewing and after it. This decreases the likelihood of disappointment and helps encourage second and third viewings.

Floor plans and EPCs combined at Falcon Energy

Since April 2018, EPCs have been a legal requirement for the vast majority of properties excluding some types of temporary accommodation, holiday homes, places of worship and some types of listed buildings. EPCs conducted by trained professional energy assessors such as those at Falcon Energy are easily combined with floor plan creation.

Falcon’s efficient two-in-one service that offers floor plans and EPC certificates allow you to quickly establish the property’s performance and energy rating, and at the same time provide a floor plan to estate agents and ultimately, to prospective buyers and renters. There are a multitude of benefits to drawing up floor plans alongside an EPC Assessment, namely saving you time and money when it comes to listing homes.

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