How We Work With Developers: From A Single Build To A New Town

Planning Energy Statements

When working on a new build construction, there are a lot of elements that need to be considered in order for the build to meet legal requirements. In regards to energy, Building Regulations require SAP calculations and EPC certificates to be provided.

At Falcon Energy we are experts in energy conservation and have worked across a wide range of new build developments, from single homes to large town developments.

Discover how our team of experts will work with you to ensure your development is compliant and energy efficient.

Legal requirements for property development

At Falcon Energy we are qualified to assess new builds and certify them with SAPs and EPCs to ensure they meet the legal requirements in the UK. Contacting us to work with you from the design stage ensures your development will be correct from the beginning, rather than discovering costly changes later down the line,

SAP calculations

SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations assess the emissions and subsequent energy costs of a property based on the ventilation, lighting, heating and hot water that is installed in the home.

When considering SAP calculations for your new build project, it’s important to have an energy expert on hand from the very beginning of the design stage to ensure energy efficiency is considered from the start.

It can be very costly and difficult to make changes to the build after the design stage, so instructing an energy expert, such as Falcon Energy, after this time can cause delays and significant costs to your development.

No site visit is necessary as all calculations can be made from the specifications provided from the following documentation:

  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Overall site plans
  • Specification of materials used for building – including floors, walls, windows and roofing
  • Heating systems that will be used
  • Any renewable energy sources

Once the SAPs of your dwellings have been calculated, an EPC for the property can then be generated.


An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a legal requirement for a building to be sold or let and it measures the energy efficiency of a property on a scale of A-G, with A being extremely efficient and G being not very efficient at all. Properties with EPC ratings of A will have lower utility bills and will produce less emissions.

At Falcon Energy, our SAP calculation services include an official EPC statement if the building reaches the required standards.

Further energy advice and planning for new developments

As well as being able to undertake a range of different services to help you determine the energy efficiency of your development, we are able to offer you energy advice at every stage of the build.

Whether you’re looking for information on renewable energy sources that can be used on the property, or you just want to make it as efficient as possible, we can help recommend materials and practices that will ensure your property is up to scratch.

With over 20 years experience in the energy conservation industry, we have a wealth of knowledge that can help you not only make your build compliant, but extremely efficient.

Discover how we worked with Greenplan Designer Homes on their development to ensure their homes had an energy rating of A and met Code Level 4 Standard for Sustainable Homes here.

How we work with you

Whether you’re building hundreds of homes for a large development or designing your very own dream home, we can help you every step of the way.

Throughout the project, we will work with you to help create designs that are energy efficient and cost effective for your development. Once the build stage has started, we will be on hand to give you advice at all stages and can help to recommend a range of energy efficient products and materials for your build.

If you’re about to start a new build project and would like to find out more about how we can help you with your development, please get in touch with our highly experienced team on 01403 253439.

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