Renewable Energy Trends for 2019

In 2018, a lot was done to reduce the energy we are using and ultimately wasting. For example, the new EPC rules came in for landlords which stated that their rental properties much reach a minimum EPC standard before they can be let out.

We have gathered together some of our predictions for renewable energy in the year ahead, based on the trends we saw in the past year:

Solar Energy

Year on year over the past few years, solar prices have dropped dramatically, making it far more affordable for people to invest in. As a result, we would expect to see even more people purchasing solar panels and using solar technology to power homes and buildings.

In 2019 further solar technological advances are expected, such as far more effective solar panels. The different technologies that the industry are working on at the moment are things such as:

  • Clear solar panels
  • Bifacial (double sided) solar panels
  • Solar tiles
  • Frameless solar panels

Energy Storage

Energy storage and battery technologies have steadily been becoming an important topic in renewable energy and the interest in these types of technology are expected to improve and increase throughout 2019.

Having an energy storage system along with a renewable energy source allows users to continue to receive a strong power supply, no matter the weather conditions. The continual investment in researching and creating larger batteries and storage systems will allow these options to become even more affordable for users and eventually they should become a standard part of renewable energy efforts.

Electric Vehicles

In 2018 there was a big push on electric vehicles, with a wide range of different car companies bringing out electric and hybrid vehicles. In 2019, this is expected to grow phenomenally with more options being available on the market and more charging points throughout the UK.

As well as more available charging points throughout the UK, the industry are looking to implement faster chargers, meaning vehicles can be on the road again that much quicker once out of power.

By making models easier to run and more convenient, its removes another barrier to make the switch from petrol or diesel cars even more appealing.

Sustainable business

With stricter guidelines continually being put in place and more information about the impact of energy on the planet, businesses in 2019 will be looking into ways to power their business in a more energy efficient way.

Finding greener and renewable energy resources will not only save a business money in the long run, it will greatly reduce their carbon footprint on the world. With people being far more conscientious about the energy they are using, businesses that are openly working hard to reduce their energy consumption will be favourable towards potential customers.

Renewable energy services

Here at Falcon Energy we know the importance of renewable energy to our planet and have a range of services available to help your property or business become more sustainable.

Get in contact with us to find out how we can help you with energy advice and testing, to ensure your business and property is running as efficiently as possible.

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