Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Solar Panels in winter

One question the Falcon Energy team are asked a lot about solar panels is whether they work in the winter or bad weather. We’ve been advising on solar panel installs for a number of years and believe this is an important question to address; it’s the one point that can stop a business or homeowner having solar panels.

We’ll go into detail below, but in short, solar panels do work in winter and therefore store energy all year round.

Solar Panels and Daylight

Here in Sussex, Surrey and Kent we do get overcast and cloudy days, in fact on average in the UK we have approximately 48% of overcast days each year. Then in the Autumn we put our clocks back as the nights draw in; the sun rises later and it sets earlier so we have less daylight hours. Many people worry these overcast and darker days will prevent their solar panels from working.

How Solar Panels Work

We’re delighted to tell you this is simply not the case. Solar panels operate by utilising the energy from the light generated by the sun rather than the heat from the sun. This means that even when it’s cold there will still be daylight for the solar panels.

Even when we get to the shortest day of the year there are still 8 hours of daylight for the panels to absorb ensuring they generate clean, environmentally friendly electricity for you.

Rain, Snow and Solar Panels

On a rainy day you’ll benefit from the rain cleaning your panels for you, saving you a job. It’s important to keep the panels clean and free of debris to ensure they operate at their maximum capacity. When it snows, the snow will just slide straight off as panels will always be installed at a slight angle. Snow will also help with energy production of the panels as the light reflects off the snow and back onto the panels.

Energy Production In Winter

Your solar panels will operate at maximum efficiency in the Summer months simply because there is more daylight over a longer period of time than in the Winter. Output will be reduced in the colder months as the days are shorter and we have more cloudy and overcast days. However, even in these weather conditions your panels will have enough daylight to produce a quarter to a third of their maximum output.

Sustainable Energy Saving You Money

Your solar panels will give you a sustainable way of living and working using clean energy. Whilst you cannot get a total household’s energy from solar panels without storage batteries, you will see a significant reduction in your energy costs.

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