Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for Office Buildings

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When you run a business, a high energy bill can be very worrying. According to the FSB, since February 2021, gas costs for small businesses have increased by 424%, whilst electricity has gone up by 349%. Office buildings are filled with computers, printers, scanners, lights, heating, and even kettles and microwaves – all this electricity usage adds up on your bill.

Fortunately, if you’re worried about energy costs, we’re on hand to advise you. In this article, you’ll find tips on energy saving for office buildings, so you can quickly scale down your costs.

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Energy saving for office buildings – 10 key tips and tricks

Who said energy saving for office buildings has to be hard? Below you’ll find some key energy tips to make saving on your bills a breeze…

1. Energy saving lighting

We’ve all heard the advice to make sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room – but leaving them on all night is much more common than you’d think! Other ways to save on your lighting include:

  • Though they’re slightly more expensive to buy, LED bulbs use far less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last considerably longer, offering more energy savings and cost savings in the long run.
  • If staff forgetting to turn off lights is a regular issue, then consider investing in light sensors. They’ll switch the lights off automatically when people leave the room.
  • Make good use of natural daylight by situating desks close to windows.

2. Cut down on heating and cooling costs

Though it’s always important to always keep your office at a comfortable temperature, leaving air conditioning or heating on all day everyday can be costly. Some ways to cut back on the costs include:

  • While it might sound overly simplistic, making sure that staff are dressing weather appropriately and that windows are kept closed as the weather cools can make a big difference.
  • Ensure that you’ve recorded the most suitable temperature on the thermostat, so the heating doesn’t exceed past this level.
  • Air leakage and drafts can lead to energy loss – air tightness testing can help you to monitor and reduce heat loss.

3. Set up a smart meter

If you’re losing energy at your office building and you’re not sure where it’s going – a smart meter can help with that.

  • Smart meters show your gas and energy use through the day, so you can see exactly where improvements need to be made.
  • Your readings will be much more accurate, so you’re not paying for anything more than what was used.
  • Suppliers will usually install them for free, which is another bonus.

4. Turn electronics off when not in use

One of the simplest energy saving tips for a commercial property can make a big difference to your bill – and that’s changing how you use electronic equipment.

  • Encourage staff to switch electronics off at the plug and unplug at the end of the day where possible.
  • Just want to take a short break from the computer screen? Remember to switch to “Sleep” mode to save some extra energy.
  • Make sure staff switch off computers and laptops at the end of the day, rather than putting them on stand-by.

5. Simmer down kitchen energy use

When staff have been working hard in the office, it’s only natural that they’ll want the occasional break for tea and coffee. But does that have to set you back on energy?

  • Where possible, upgrade to more energy-efficient models of your appliances.
  • Make sure appliances are working in optimal condition by cleaning them regularly – and ensuring you leave a wide enough gap between fridges/freezers and the wall to avoid overheating.
  • Save on your kettle usage by making a round of drinks in one go – and only use as much water as you’ll actually need.

6. Switch to paperless

As well as saving on paper, going paperless can also help with energy saving in your office…

  • Put simply, the more you use paper in your business, the more you use your printer. Cutting down on your printer usage naturally cuts down your energy usage.
  • Making good use of cloud sharing services, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, can help you to cut back on printing.

7. Go green

If you’re really keen on lowering your bills – and making an environmental impact – then why not try generating your own green energy for your small business. This is known as ‘micro-generation’.

  • Installing solar panels that run off sunlight can generate electricity for your business, creating huge energy saving opportunities.
  • Save on energy as you heat up your office radiators and hot water with an air source heat pump.

8. Pinpoint lost energy with commercial energy assessments

Rather than cutting down on energy indiscriminately, it helps to know exactly what’s sending your bill sky-high.

  • Try a thermographic survey to locate where energy and heat might be lost within your office building.
  • Air tightness testing can show where air is being lost in your property through uncontrolled airflow or leakage.
  • A commercial EPC is not just a legal requirement for owners of commercial buildings – it can also give you recommendations for how to boost your office energy efficiency.

9. Improve property efficiency

One of the best energy saving tips for a commercial property is to ensure that the building itself is not letting energy slip away.

  • Improving property insulation can prevent warm air escaping during the winter months – and cold air seeping in.
  • Replace old windows with up-to-date double-glazed windows or revamp them with secondary glazing. This will help to keep the office cool in the summer and warm through winter.

10. Promote energy saving in your office

You might be convinced, but how can you persuade staff on the virtues of energy saving for your office?

  • Create flyers and posters to display and hand-out that explain company policies on energy efficiency.
  • Hold regular meetings to discuss potential areas for improvement – and encourage staff to come forward with their own suggestions.

Reduce office energy bills with Falcon Energy

If your office energy usage seems to be slipping from your control, it can become very stressful and expensive. That’s why it helps to get the experts involved. At Falcon Energy, our fully qualified engineers have over 15 years of industry experience in energy testing for commercial properties across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the UK.

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