How Insulation keeps your property cool in this summers heatwave

Insulation is known for retaining heat and keeping your home warm in the winter, but did you know it is just as effective at keeping your home cool in the summer? Having good insulation ensures that your home is energy efficient and cost effective all year round.

What is insulation?

Insulation is a lightweight material that lines the walls, roof and ceiling of your home. It acts as a barrier that stops heat gain and heat loss, by ensuring that heat doesn’t leak in or out of your property.

How does it work?

Insulation moderates the temperature in your home by making it as airtight as possible. It stops air flowing freely between objects of varying temperatures. In doing this, it regulates the temperature in your home, meaning that your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A good indication into whether your insulation is working is by going into the loft; in the winter you should notice that your loft is a lot cooler than the rest of the house. Likewise in the summer, you should notice that your loft is a lot warmer than your home. Because of the insulation in the ceiling, the air in the loft is not able to escape into your home.


Having a well insulated home can not only make it more livable all year round, but it also saves a lot on energy costs. If your home is able to retain its coolness / heat, it means that you are less likely to need the heating on for as long or need to use any cooling devices such as fans or air conditioning units.

Furthermore, having an energy efficient home is great for the environment as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

As well as saving money on your gas and electricity bill, insulation keeps your home in a good state by preventing issues such as damp arising. This means that you won’t need to replace items of furniture or curtains and blinds because of damp entering your home.

What insulation is best for my home?

At Falcon Energy, we offer a wide range of services that can help determine how energy efficient your home is. Through Air Tightness Testing, Ventilation Testing and Thermographic Testing, we can determine what the airflow through your home is like and whether there are any unwanted draughts or air leakage, which could result in energy loss.

If you are worried about energy loss in your home, give us a call on 01403 253439 and we would be happy to discuss with you your options to help reduce energy loss.

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