How renewable is your business?

How renewable is your business?

Technology giant Google announced this month that they are going to be run entirely on renewable energy by the end of 2017. This is a significant environmental milestone and something the company has been working towards for a number of years.

In preparation they have been reducing their use of fossil-fuels and have heavily invested in clean forms of power such as solar and wind energy. The have also launched an initiative to add air quality sensors to Google Street View vehicles and implemented plans to change its waste disposal systems to ensure that the company adds nothing to landfills. They have already become the largest corporate purchaser of clean power in the world and in their journey to reach this next goal.

Businesses are the largest consumer of energy in the UK, buying around 56% of the UK’s electricity. This is why businesses who consume a lot of energy are being encouraged to help the country meet the government’s target of of turning 30% of the country’s electricity supply to renewable sources by 2020 by using renewable energy technologies.

The benefits of using renewable energy

So how renewable is your business? Here are the main benefits to using renewable energy for your business:

Carbon footprint

Making your business more renewable can quickly reduce your carbon footprint alongside your energy bills. The renewable energy that the business uses can be offset with the company’s carbon targets and this can also help the firm’s commitment to the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme.

It costs less than you think

People may think that switching to a renewable energy source is expensive, however this isn’t the case anymore as the global demand for renewable technologies has brought costs down. Not only this, but once installed the return you get quickly justifies the investment you made and of course, the investment brings far more benefits than it costs.

As well as Google, some other of the world’s biggest companies are already committed to switching to 100% renewable energy, such as Unilever and BMW. However, it’s not just for the big guns, smaller businesses can reap the financial benefits as well.

Be energy independent

If you choose to generate your own energy, it allows you to control your own energy prices and means you are not reliant on purchasing power from the Big Six. This flexibility and control is appealing to any type of business, from small to large.

Potential to profit

Turning to renewable energy can actually be profitable to your business. You can sell any unused energy back to the grid, presenting you with an opportunity to turn your renewable energy generation into additional profit.
Furthermore, consumers are increasingly looking into the ethical and environmental records of businesses they associate with. By being at the forefront of renewable energy you’re sending a positive, responsible message that may set you above your direct competition.

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